Who is Figwee?

Figwee is brought to you by a team working out of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. We are a privately held company, owned by Bellwether Ideas LLC.

Why Figwee?

Figwee is an idea borne out of necessity. I wanted a better tool for managing my weight, which I have struggled with ever since I got a desk job. Age has also done me no favors. Neither has the deliciousness of food. Our bodies are designed to crave it, and food is designed to satisfy that craving. It is my belief that gaining and keeping control of food is one of the biggest health challenges humans face in the modern world.

The best way to start was to recognise the problem: I ate too much food. It is not so much what I had, just how much of it I had. Which was way too much. All the talk of eating the wrong things sounds good in theory, but I personally know someone that eats whatever they want and is a world class tri-athlete. The problem isn’t pizza and ice cream, it is too much pizza and ice cream. Very few people can eat salads the rest of their life, and that certainly wasn’t going to be me. I am going to eat real food that I like, or it had zero chance of working in the long run. But how much food is too much? Well, it depends on how much you move. At the end of the day, it is all about balancing what goes in with what gets burned. And this is not easy without help. And if something is not easy, we as humans are loathe to do it. This is where the Figwee tool needed to shine.

The simple Figwee solution comes from an understanding that our relationship with our world is primarily visual. Humans eat with their eyes first and foremost. Therefore, the solution had to be visual. Visual meant pictures. An awful lot of pictures. A crazy amount of pictures. Being just a bit crazy myself, it seemed like a good fit. Countless pictures later, Figwee was born.

Figwee lets you be you. It had to or it wouldn’t be a solution. You can eat virtually anything you want with Figwee, you just have to be aware of your daily calorie totals and make adjustments accordingly. We make it easy to do that.

What does Iceland have to do with Figwee?

I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland, which is about as hauntingly beautiful a country as there is on earth. But I was too fat and out of shape to go and enjoy myself. A lot of the scenery in Iceland requires the lacing up of some good old walking shoes.

Working with an early version of Figwee, I lost over 40 pounds and went to Iceland. I snapped the above photo while I was in the best shape of my adulthood, and now it serves as my reminder, my inspiration, to keep control of my food so I can better enjoy my life.

I hope that you find that thing that inspires you, and that Figwee can help you get to wherever that place my be.

– John Gobel, Figwee Co-Founder