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Welcome to Figwee

This tour will provide a good overview of just some of the functionality available to Figwee members. For more detailed information, feel free to also explore any of the help topics listed at right. Thanks for checking out Figwee.

Visual Food Diary

Figwee Food Diary

The Food Diary page is where you record the food you consume. As you make entries in the Food Diary, Figwee tracks your nutrition information and displays a running account of how many calories you have left to meet your goals. The Food Diary determines "calories in".

Figwee Food Diary Closeup

Note how the Figwee Food Diary uses photographs to show you exactly what you have eaten during the day. The photographs match the portions you ate. If you ate five slices of bacon, five slices of bacon are shown in the diary view. If you ate 2 slices, 2 slices are shown. The photos help in unexpected ways too...don't see enough color, maybe you need more fruits and veggies.

PortionRight - Photographic Portion Estimator

Figwee PortionRight Figwee PortionRight Slider

The Figwee PortionRight system is the reason "Figwee" is fast becoming synonymous with portion control. The PortionRight dialog features two slider controls, one on the left of the food photo and one to the right. The left hand portion slider displays a scale in grams, while the right portion slider displays a scale in ounces. To set the portion for a food, you just click and drag the blue slider button. As you drag the slider, the food photo will automatically change to reflect the selected portion, release the slider button when you "see" the portion you ate. No more guessing.

Changing the Photo Angle

Figwee PortionRight Alt Views

Figwee provides two photo angles to choose from when using PortionRight: a top view and a side view. The top view is essentially what you would see if you were sitting at the table, and is best at showing how much area the food covers on a plate or bowl. With the side view, you are looking edge on, and this perspective allows you to determine the height of the food; especially great for beverages.

How many photos does Figwee have? At last count, Figwee has almost 30,000 food portion photographs, with more being added all the time.

Visual Search

The Figwee search facility provides a unique visual way of finding things in the Figwee database of foods, activities, and result trackers. In Figwee, even search is photographic. You type a few letters, and Figwee returns pictures of matching items. Type some more, and the number of photos returned is narrowed.

Figwee Visual Search Results

Dynamic Nutrition Facts

The Figwee Nutrition Facts shows aggregate nutrition information for all of the food entered in the food diary for the current day. It is similar to labels you see on food packaging, but represents the total nutrition for all of the entries in the day.

Figwee Nutrition Facts Location Figwee Nutrition Facts

The Nutrition Facts display shows total values for calories, calories from fat, total fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugars, and protein. As food entries are added or removed from the Food Diary, the Nutrition Facts totals are updated automatically.

Set Your Personal Goals

Figwee Calories Over Figwee Calories Remaining

Figwee will display the number of calories you have remaining for the day under the Nutrition Facts information. The value displayed is your target calories minus the number of calories you have consumed (entered into the Food Diary). There are two ways your target calories can be established as determined by your Settings:

Figwee Settings Goals

First, you can set an explicit constant number of calories as your goal, for example, 2000. If you do this, the calories remaining value will simply be your fixed number of calories minus the calories consumed. There is no adjustment made for exercise or activity.

The other means of establishing the target number of calories is to let Figwee dynamically calculate it for you based on your activity entries. If on the Settings page you specify a weekly weight loss of a particular amount, say one pound, then Figwee will adjust your target number of calories based on an estimation of calories burned by adding up your activity entries for the day. In this way, you can "earn" the right to consume more calories by increasing your physical activity while still meeting your weight loss goals.

You can also configure Figwee to track net carbs instead of calories. Figwee is a tool that can be applied to a number of fitness strategies. Do what works for you.

My Foods - Quick Access to Your Favorites

The Food Diary, Activity Log, and Results Log all feature a "My" List on the left side of their respective pages. The purpose of the "My" lists are to make frequently used items readily available. The My lists also allow for the customization of items, so that your preferences for settings such as portion size can be remembered and automatically used the next time you add that item to a diary view.

Figwee My Foods

With My Foods, you can rename any food item, you can edit the calories or nutrient values, and you can add brand new items to the database yourself, even reusing our photos if you like. You can also categorize and sort My Foods to make things easy for you to find. No other system provides this level of customization, or a better ease of use. When you search the Figwee database, your customized foods are included right along side Figwee built in foods. Tracking calories just doesn't get any easier than this.

Activity Log

Figwee Activity Log

The Activity Log is where you record the activities and exercise you do throughout the day. This is where "calories out" is determined. The Activity Log is also photographic. You search for activities and exercises visually, select your intensity, and record the number of minutes. Figwee uses this information to create an accurate estimate of your actual calories burned.

Figwee Activity Search Figwee Activity Editor

Unique way Figwee calculates calories burned... If you don't tell it otherwise, Figwee assumes you are completely sedentary. That's 24 hours of 60 minutes each of basically either sleeping, or lying on the couch. For every minute you account for in the Activity Log, a minute is subtracted from this sedentary default. If you enter an hour of elliptical in the activity log, then Figwee will assume 23 hours of doing nothing (e.g. about 1 MET), and 1 hour at 7 METs.

When you look at an activity entry you see both "calories burned" and "calories earned"; the difference between these two numbers is what you would have burned had you remained inactive.

Figwee encourages you to be more active, so that you earn more calories. This is the best system ever for accounting for calories burned. Most calorie counters ask general questions about your lifestyle and take an average guess about what you will burn. Figwee allows you to track calories burned more completely, on a daily basis, according to what you actually do.

Results Log

The Results Log makes several items available to track your progress over time. Use this page to record things like your weight, measurements, resting heart rate, and your blood pressure.

Figwee Results Log

Real-time Charts

Figwee Food Composition Chart Figwee Net Calories Chart

Figwee provides a number of progress and information charts that are updated in real-time as you make entries. Charts are available to track weight, food composition, net calories, calorie sources, blood pressure, body fat, resting heart rate, waist, hip, chest, biceps calf, thigh, neck measurements, blood sugar, and fitness evaluators such as push-ups, VO2 max, sit ups and chin-ups.

Figwee Available Charts

Figwee Discussion Group - Online Interactive Help and Encouragement

If there is a question you have that is not answered in this tour, there is another great resource available: the Figwee Discussion Group. Information there is available from both Figwee staff and users like you. It is a great place to get your specific questions answered, to make comments and suggestions, and to make friends with other Figwee lovers. Give it a try.

Recent Excerpts from the Figwee Discussion Group...

Figwee is brand new, but already the word is spreading:

Figwee Buzz Photo

"I have been using Figwee for about 3 weeks now and have lost almost 10 LBS!!!!!!. Thanks for making such a great site... I couldn't have done it without Figwee."

"Portion control has ALWAYS been my biggest struggle, having this tool to help measure things out is going to be awesome for me! Thank you so, so, so, so much for making this available to me!"

"I want to thank you for making figwee and I love everything I have seen! You are the best!"

"I have been using Figwee as a tool for about 4 months and I have lost 30lbs. I hope you enjoy Figwee as much as I do and also have success."

"WOW, this site is one of a kind! AWESOME! We love it so much we can't help but spread the word. I believe we tell at least 2-3 people a day. I always get a great reaction when they check it out for themselves. I personally have lost 6 pounds. I know I have much to go but this is such a great tool that I know will help! THANKS FIGWEE!"

"I went to figwee and instantly I found it to be user friendly. How to use the program by pulling the pictures of foods and in less than 10 minutes I found how much carbs, fats and protein I consumed for breakfast, lunch and supper. This was an eye opener for me since I try to watch what I eat. Thanks figwee. "

"...this is an awesome tool and my wife and I both have been using it for just over a week. It has helped us greatly in keeping track of what we eat as well as letting us know is that something that we want to eat or can afford to eat. My wife is very visual and we both like the instant feedback from the site on how we are doing. This is excellent for us. She has already lost 5 lbs and myself 3. "

"I LIKE IT!!! I can see that even though I am staying in my calorie range, too many of them are coming from not-so-good sources."

"I've lost two pounds -- on schedule according to the charts! Thanks! this is a great tool! "

"Thanks for the site, guys. I am really enjoying using it. I have seen an improvement already in the way I am balancing carbs with proteins and fats more."